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Welcome to Incognitee - an exclusive and discreet hub in the heart of Web3. We enable private transfers and unlinkable voting, so you can play away from the crowd's eyes. Your transactions? - Secret handshakes between you and your chosen peers.

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How does it work

Alice would like to transfer funds to Bob privately or participate in on-chain Governance without revealing her pseudonym. She uses Incognitee to obtain a privacy shield without traces back to her account. Our TEE technology keeps sensitive data away from the chain and provides full privacy without security concerns.


Become a validator

Earn from Transactions: Validators receive a proportional amount of every transaction they validate, creating an opportunity for continual rewards in line with Incognitee’s activity.

Join the Validator Program: Aspiring validators have to participate in the Testnet phase to be eligible for the main net launch to become a part of Incognitee’s backbone.

Become a Validator

Become a delegator

Earn from locking your TEER: Validators receive transaction fees and can share them with TEER holders via Delegation.

Join the Delegator Program: TEER holders can delegate their TEER tokens to existing Validators to help securing Incognitee’s backbone.

Become a delegator

Become a partner

If you are a wallet provider, an exchange or an validator operator, get in touch with us.


Are you a bounty hunter?

We want to make our platform as secure as possible, that's why we will launch a bug bounty to attract the best talents to battle test our solution.

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Use cases that matter

  • Vote without a show of hands: Cast your vote in a black ballot box without being doxxed.
  • Transfer in confidence: Keep your transaction history private for sensitive actions – you dont want your neighbor to know what you are buying right?
Unlike other platforms, our privacy sidechain is built for responsible concealment. Selective disclosure, compliance adherence, auditable yet confidential transactions, and a governance that includes you — it's privacy designed with accountability at its core.

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